University Students & Young Professionals

University students and those starting up in their professional career are able to participate in a wide variety of activities which help them develop leadership qualities, attain a broad human awareness of today's culture and enlarge and strengthen their friendships in a relaxed and open setting.

Activities include cultural and social gatherings, local outings, study weekends, local and international service projects, community outreach, volunteering, spiritual formation and many other events.

University Students & Young Professionals #1

University Students & Young Professionals #2

University Students & Young Professionals #3

University Students:

  • Fortnightly volunteer activities
  • Fortnightly talk on campus
  • Fortnightly spiritual activities at Heathgrove
  • Refugee Holiday Programs: January 27-28, April 7-8, July 7-8, September 29-30
  • UNIV Congress local fase in April. More details »
  • Study Weekend in November. November 3-5. Open to students.

Young Professionals:

  • Volunteering with DIVE
  • Professional Circles
  • Recollections at St. Marys: Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5, Jul 3, Aug 7, Sep 4, Oct 2, Nov 8, Dec 4
  • Kenya Service Project. Dates June 28- July 12. For more information contact Grace Anglo on

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual activities include recollections, retreats and a variety of doctrinal and apologetic talks offered at Heathgrove for those who want to deepen their understanding of the faith.


Weekend retreats provide an opportunity to reflect and make resolutions for the future. They offer daily Mass, time for personal prayer, reflections and talks on central themes related to living the spirit of Christianity within the specific circumstances of ordinary life. Opportunities for confession and personal spiritual direction are also available.

Retreats begin on Friday night at 8pm and finish on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

Castlemaine Study Centre.
(Transport to and from Castlemaine is organised)
$85/pp (University students)
$270 (Professional women)

2017 Retreat Dates

  • February 24th - 26th
  • September 15th - 17th

Saturday Activities

Meditations at 4:30pm

Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 22, May 27, Jun 24, Jul 22, Aug 26, Sep 23, Oct 28, Nov 25

Christmas Mass

December 22nd 2017


Best explained as an abbreviated retreat, a recollection allows one to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life, so as to renew one's relationship with God. It also offers the opportunity to reassess and renew resolutions and bring a fresh outlook for living well.

Recollections are approximately 2 hours in length and include: a talk on Christian life, prayer led by a priest, benediction and opportunity for confessions.

Recollections take place once a month on a Saturday afternoon.

2017 Recollection Dates

  • Jan 21
  • Feb 11
  • Mar 11
  • Apr 1
  • May 13
  • Jun 10
  • Jul 1
  • Aug 12
  • Sep 2
  • Oct 14
  • Nov 11
  • Dec 9