About Us

About Heathgrove

Heathgrove is an educational project encouraging positive character development and academic excellence. We work in partnership with parents who share this vision.

All our programs provide full access and facilitate the participation of each and every woman. At Heathgrove we believe that every woman is unique and we work in partnership with families and other professionals in order to help each person achieve their full potential and to put their talents and skills at the service of society, inspiring them to live generously and with a deeper meaning.

At Heathgrove our focus is on providing an environment where social awareness and personal development can flourish.

All activities are run by volunteers and include teachers, university students, young professionals and parents. The activities offered include study programs, private tuition, leadership camps, holiday activities and opportunities for community outreach.

Heathgrove is a project of the Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL), a not-for-profit company which aims to promote education and the development of character in accordance with the ideals of Christianity.

AEPL supports a wide range of programs aimed at providing education and building social awareness in young people throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. Activities of a spiritual nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church, which helps people find holiness in everyday life. For more information on Opus Dei visit www.opusdei.org.au.



For the past 30 years various parents and volunteers - seeking to promote good values and develop the characters of young women - have run activities in their own homes throughout Melbourne. Since 1987 AEPL volunteers from Sydney with broad experience in working with young women encouraged and provided human, spiritual and professional input to these activities.

More and more women and girls started attending activities, and the dream of establishing a youth centre in Melbourne was realised in 1997. Since then we have worked at three different premises, and after two years of construction are now in our permanent home at 32 Havelock Road, Hawthorn East.