Heathgrove is managed by the Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL), a not-for-profit company which aims to promote education and the development of character in accordance with the ideals of Christianity.

AEPL supports a wide range of programs aimed at providing education and building social awareness in young people throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

Through all its activities, Heathgrove aims to provide a well-rounded formation for young women, help them develop their talents to the full and use them in the service of society. This is achieved by encouraging academic excellence and fostering an awareness of the needs of others.

Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL) is committed to providing a safe, supportive and caring environment that enables Children to develop their full potential as individuals.

AEPL has a Child Protection Policy which is available for downloading. The Child Protection Officer of AEPL is Gerald Santucci, Director of Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers, 0414 936 456.