Opus Dei

As the Second Vatican Council noted, every baptised person is called to follow Jesus Christ, by living according to the Gospel and making it known to others. The aim of Opus Dei is to contribute to that evangelizing mission of the Church, by promoting among Christians of all social classes a life fully consistent with their faith, in the middle of the ordinary circumstances of their lives, and especially through the sanctification of their work.

Opus Dei was founded in 1928 in Spain and is currently established in 66 countries.

Opus Dei provides spiritual formation aimed at helping people develop their spiritual life and apostolate. These activities are held in Opus Dei centres or in a church, office or private home. Opus Dei has around 90,000 members, both men and women. 98% are laypeople, most of whom are married. The remaining 2% are priests.

Opus Dei's work of spiritual formation complements the work of local churches. People who join Opus Dei or attend its activities continue to belong to their local diocese.

  • Divine filiation
  • Ordinary life
  • Sanctifying work
  • Prayer and sacrifice
  • Unity of life
  • Freedom
  • Charity

For more information please visit: www.opusdei.org.au