High School Students (Years 9 to 12)

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #1

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #2

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #3

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #4

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #5

For High School Students (Years 10 to 12) #6

Activities for high school students vary in nature but always include an element of character formation and community work. A major focus is study and for this purpose Heathgrove is open to all high school students Monday to Friday after school and Saturdays after 10am. Please register beforehand. 

More than an ordinary youth group, Heathgrove offers a holistic approach to the use of time outside school. We work with parents and the girls themselves in three areas: 

  • Character Development
  • In their relationship with others
  • In relationship with God

The coordinator for this age group is Elizabeth Sebastian. She can be contacted on activities@heathgrove.org.au with any comments, concerns and/or suggestions.

Registrations are now paperless. If you haven’t been to Heathgrove before, please fill out this form.

VCE Students (Years 11 & 12)

The Heathgrove Study Sessions is a new program beginning in 2021, directed towards supporting VCE students academically. It combines our previous virtuous-learning model for self-study with a series of VCE English classes, and the opportunity to have personal work evaluated by individual specialised tutors on an ad-hoc basis (fee-for-service). The program specifically aims to develop personal and professional virtues in our students.

The Heathgrove Study Sessions aim to support VCE students academically as well as foster virtuous study habits and an enjoyment of learning. The program offers fortnightly VCE English Masterclasses that will run for 45 minutes on Fridays at 5:15pm as well as fee for service private tuition. The programs core intentions are for students to:

  • Understand assessment criteria and how to demonstrate assessable skills.
  • Develop strategies for self-study and self-review.
  • Gain a broader perspective on the value of English education and study.

Registration is required (link below) and attendance will be taken. The cost is $60 per term / $15 per class. The yearly schedule, dates and curriculum can be found in the attached document. The study schedule for each Friday will be as follows:

  • 4:00 ppm - Arrive
  • 4:30 pm - Self-study /Meditation in Chapel
  • 5:15 pm - VCE English Class (fortnightly)
  • 6 pm - Self-study/Private tutoring
  • 7 pm - Self-study/Dinner
  • 9 pm - Centre closes

English Masterclass Curriculum

Study Sessions

Please register here for Masterclasses and/or individual tutoring: https://forms.gle/6YF5ZACdngKbK2iZA

Middle High School (Year 9 & 10)

Heathgrove activities aim to equip young women with the confidence and skills they need:

  • to give direction to their lives;
  • to discover a sense of purpose;
  • to aspire to their personal best;
  • and to make positive contributions to each of life's avenues.

Besides academic support, Heathgrove offers to girls in years 9 & 10 the following weekly events. The group meets ordinarily on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm with the following schedule:

  1. Week 1- Professional Athlete Speaker
  2. Week 2- Volunteer
  3. Week 3- Spiritual Recollection,
  4. Week 4- Social Event (times TBC)

Meditation and Benediction will be available at 4:15pm each week.

Study weekends

These weekend programs are exclusively for high school students. Girls are encouraged to manage their time well and follow their study program diligently.

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual activities include recollections, retreats and a variety of doctrinal and apologetic talks offered at Heathgrove for those girls who want to deepen their understanding of the faith.


  • 30-April-21 - 2-May-21
  • 13-Aug-21 - 15-Aug-21
  • 15-Oct-21 - 17-Oct-21

Weekend retreats are a time to reflect and make resolutions for the future. They offer daily Mass, time for personal prayer, reflections and talks on central themes related to living the Christian life within the specific circumstances of ordinary life. Opportunities for confession and personal spiritual direction are also available.

Retreats begin on Friday night at 6.30pm and finish on Sunday afternoon at 7.30pm (times of departure from and arrival at Heathgrove). They are held at Castlemaine Study Centre and cost $150/pp. Transport to and from Castlemaine is organised.

For more information and dates, please contact Carmen Pavia at activities@heathgrove.org.au.


Best explained as an abbreviated retreat, a recollection allows one to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life, so as to renew one's relationship with God. It also offers the opportunity to reassess and renew resolutions and bring a fresh outlook for living well.

Recollections are approximately 2 hours in length and include: a talk on Christian life, prayer led by a priest, benediction and opportunity for confessions. Recollections take place once a month on a Saturday afternoon.

For more information and dates, please contact Carmen Pavia at activities@heathgrove.org.au.