Heathgrove's volunteering initiatives are designed to expose young women to a variety of human needs in and around Melbourne and further afield. The main areas of volunteering include visiting elderly people, assisting children and adolescents with special needs, and outreach to migrants and refugees.

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Refugee Holiday Programs

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Heathgrove prepares volunteers for a variety of community service events and projects, from visiting the elderly, being a camp leader, and running programs for refugee programs to participating in overseas projects in developing countries.

The community service events and projects are divided into three levels. All participants are required to complete Level 1- Local Community Service before progressing to subsequent levels.

All volunteers need to attend an introductory training session, after which they will be assigned to a group for their placements.

Level 1 - Local Community Service

Minimum Age: 14 years old.
Local projects include Café Heathgrove and monthly visits to a refugee detention centre or other refugee outreach activities. Café Heathgrove aims to bring a "café-like" atmosphere into nursing homes by providing entertainment and good company. Café Heathgrove runs once a month in selected nursing homes.

Level 2 - Interstate Volunteering

Minimum Age: 16 years old.
Requirements: To have participated in a minimum of three Level 1 events.
Includes one week projects within Australia such as country Victoria, central NSW and Tasmania.
Dubbo: The aims of the Dubbo Service Project are to provide holiday activities for primary school children and run a leadership course for teenagers. The children are from a socio-economically disadvantaged area of Dubbo, a large town in central NSW. Many program participants are Indigenous Australians.
Tasmania: The most recent project in Tasmania involved work in the "Rags for Industries" program in collaboration with a local charity. Volunteers also spent time with local youth in the disadvantaged area of Bridgewater where there is a high rate of unemployment.

Level 3 - International Volunteering

Minimum Age: 18 years old.
Requirements: To have participated in a Level 2 project.
Includes three week projects outside Australia in countries such as the Philippines, India, Chile, Tonga, New Zealand and Fiji.
India: Volunteers work side by side with the locals in teaching micro-entrepreneurial skills, providing physiotherapy to people with physical disabilities, running training programs for unemployed women and teaching in the slums.
The Philippines: Volunteers assist in a range of services to the local community, including building sanitary facilities and helping distribute medical aid.
New Zealand: Volunteers work with local Kiwi volunteers in a variety of projects. They also run holiday activities for a refugee community in Rotorua.

For more information and dates, please contact Paula Ahillon at activities@heathgrove.org.au.